Dynamics GP Implementation

Dynamics GP Implementation

Implementation refers to the process that takes the client from ordering the software to the point where they are “up and running” or “live” on their Accounting and ERP software system. This is a detailed, customized approach that combines all of the elements of project management consulting.

The implementation process involves designing a data structure that best suits the client’s needs and converting existing data to the new system. We analyze your current data structure and what options you have in your new system. The accounting systems we implement typically give the end-user a greater deal of flexibility in data design and storage than their existing systems. This is an excellent time to evaluate how your data design can streamline your business processes.

Lawhead Software Consulting assists you in the setup of your accounting software so that it is tailored to your requirements. The initial setup process will involve creating companies, module setup, posting preferences, definition of account structure, definition of fiscal periods, module setup options, definitions of users and security access.

The Report Writing phase involves tailoring existing reports to fit the reporting needs outlined in the features mapping process, as well as the design and creation of any new reports that can be created using the accounting software report writer, Crystal Reports, or other reporting tools.

A system cut-off date is chosen to point to enter historical transactions, master files, and beginning balances. System testing and a period of parallel processing with the legacy accounting system and the new accounting software is performed to test the accuracy of data entry, setup, and reporting requirements.

During the implementation, internal procedures are identified and documented for effective maintenance of the system. Examples are: backup procedures, posting policies, and business process flows within the framework of the accounting software application.

A reconciliation and audit process is performed that typically involves generation and comparison of reports and on-screen inquiry of information. In addition, necessary adjustments resulting from the reconciliation and audit should be made to the financial information in the accounting software.

A Post-Implementation Fine Tuning is the system involves optimization of the accounting software applications and network environment to improve performance and streamline efficiencies.

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